Day 8 Part 2

After a very long journey on the coach we finaly arrived in Agra. We went to visit the Agra Fort at the sunset


Day 8 Part 1

We woke up very early to see the sun rise at the farm and then we made our way to the Umang Center, which is a school for children with cerebral palsy.

We had a tour of the new building and learnt  how each room was is used  to improve each child with their individual learning difficulties. We have been supporting between 8-10 students every year for the last five years.


Day 7 Part 5

On Friday morning the students went to Amber Palace on the top of a hill in Jaipur.  On the way, we stopped to observe the Water Palace.

Upon arrival to the Amber Palace, we jumped onto elephants and slowly but relentlessly made our way up to the palace.

Once inside it we enjoyed the magnificent architecture and gorgeous colours off the building and the locals.