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International School of London

Welcome to the Primary Years Programme

In keeping with the overall IB programme, the PYP focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both in school and in the world beyond. The programme gives students the opportunity to explore big ideas in the world around them, and to see the interdisciplinary connections in everyday life.

PYP learners know how to take ownership of their learning, collaborating with teachers to deepen understanding and increase their confidence and self-motivation. Students at ISL London learn in more than one language and develop a knowledge and understanding of multiculturalism and different perspectives. Global awareness and the desire to make a difference in the world around them is a fundamental element of the programme.  

Active learning

Learning does not just take place in the classroom.  The PYP is designed to provide opportunities for students to engage with the world in a ‘hands-on’ and interactive manner, encouraging an active learning approach.

Through programmes such as our Classroom Without Walls, Forest School and our Units of Inquiry, students delve into real life issues and apply their skills and knowledge in meaningful ways.

Primary Principal: Kathryn Firebrace


At ISL, we offer students a high-quality learning experience that provides them with the opportunity to explore their passions, develop their own questions and to be challenged in their thinking. Our inquiry-based approach to learning allows students to pursue their curiosity and to build their knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding.

We understand that by cultivating students’ social, emotional and academic well-being, we nurture individuals who can see the world with compassion. Through this awareness, we as a community, can see ourselves as capable of taking responsible actions for a better world. In this journey, our students become confident, caring, internationally-minded communicators and lifelong learners.