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International School of London

Creative & Performing Arts

Our Creative and Performing Arts programme is designed to support our vision by celebrating the stories and worth of every child.

All children find a meaningful way to participate that showcases their talents. Performances are partially devised by the children so that true creativity is nurtured.

We tap into the rich cultural experiences of our children, and performances often feature several languages. We integrate drama, design and music in our productions. Highlights include our Festival of Lights in the winter (an intercultural extravaganza), Celebration of the Arts in the summer, regular concerts, and a number of performance opportunities in the park.  

Music is offered across the school by our specialist teachers. In the PYP, students learn to appreciate music, compose and sing. They also have the chance to perform in musical events throughout the year.

Students are offered private singing and instrumental music tuition. At the end of each term there is a special performance for students attending peripatetic lessons, which are available in a wide range of instruments.

Virtual Winter Concert 2020

Virtual Spring Concert 2021

Drama at ISL is also well established and very popular among students, with many productions throughout the school year. 

ISTA Drama Festival

Festival of Lights 2020