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International School of London

Digital Learning

Students benefit from a technology-rich learning environment at ISL.

Access to technology enables our students to be self-directed and responsible learners. Technology is carefully incorporated into our curriculum to deepen students’ understanding of subjects and foster excitement as they create and problem solve.

Microsoft Teams & Seesaw

Keeping parents well-informed of their child's progress is a fundamental part of developmental learning at ISL. With digital platforms like Seesaw and Microsoft Teams, daily student activity is uploaded by PYP teachers to share student achievements with parents and to provide a picture of the student's day at ISL.

Creative Technology

Students become proficient in the use of various apps to communicate, research, and present their learning. A few examples include students creating their own music videos with the greenscreen to bringing class-produced stories to life with clay-mation. From Early Childhood to Grade 5, PYP students stay up to date with a range of creative learning apps.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Every student at ISL from Grade 3 upwards is given access to an Adobe Creative Cloud license. Students use iPads in school with Adobe software which allows them to create artwork, posters and videos and present their work in school and at home via the Cloud.

Grade 3 learning to 3D print using Tinkercad

3D Modelling Project

In the PYP, students undertake challenging digital projects using technology. 

Students design useful products using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, which are then printed on one of ISL's 3D printers.  

Digital Literacy

Students improve their touch-typing skills from a young age, as well as E-safety and appropriate use of technology. 

Learning through play is a fundamental part of the PYP. Apps and games are used to teach skills in Mathematics and Language use.

Student learning to play and record his own music using Garage Band on iPad


Digital Music

Students use iPads and Music Apps to create a portfolio of music produced digitally. 

Students store and access their music library to self-monitor progress and accomplishments as they learn increasingly complex rhythm and beats.