Facilities & Technology

Technology Lesson

Our vision is to support a culture of innovation, creativity and collaboration by providing access to technology that allows students to be self-directed, and responsible learners. Every school division carefully incorporates technology into the curriculum to help deepen students’ understanding of subjects and foster excitement as they create, and problem solve. While encouraging them to become inquisitive learners we also rigorously encourage them to be responsible digital citizens.

We are proud that our students and faculty benefit from a technology-rich learning environment which provides:

  • iPads to assist in the collection of work samples and experiences, and creation of digital portfolios
  • Cameras to record and share learning
  • Audio books to read along with those borrowed from the library
  • Science labs with state of the art data logging equipment, including portabledigital colorimeters and high precision balances and a range of sensors (eg: temperature, pH, CO2, forces) to allow students to accurately record, visualise and export data
  • Laptop carts to create flexible learning environments – anytime and anywhere
  • Interactive whiteboards and projection devices in classrooms to support sharing and collaboration
  • Suite of Google Apps for Education to create projects that support their units of inquiry
  • Dedicated Digital Design studio for Middle School students, as well as access to a laser cutter, CNC router and a bank of 3D printers – which our students have built themselves
  • MakerSpace lab to support the curriculum of all years promoting the use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This space is also available to our students outside of class time, encouraging them to learn through experimentation and play. Here they can design with CAD and CAM processes, build, create videos and take photographs in a photography and green screen studio, animate and build and code robots
  • PC and Mac environments which make use of annual licences for Adobe Creative Cloud (digital design package), as well as Google Sketchup Pro to enable our students’ creativity to thrive
  • Digital composition and music notation equipment